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In The Kings Entertainment

The complete track list for this recording is as follows:

 1 The English Hunt's Up - John Whitfield

 2 Tant Que Vivray - Pierre Attaignant

 3 Basse Dance "La Magdalena"- Pierre Attaignant

 4 Basse Dance "La Brosse" - Pierre Attaignant

 5 Basse Dance "La Roque"- Pierre Attaignant

 6 Basse Dance "Tous Mes Amys"- Pierre Attaignant

 7 Gaillarde - Pierre Attaignant

 8 Greensleeves - MedleyAnon./Francis Cutting

 9 Two Almans - Robert Johnson

10 Tarleton's Riserrectione - John Dowland

11 Galliard "The Fairy Round" - Anthony Holborne

12 Galliard "Muy Linda" - Anthony Holborne

13 Galliard "Muy Linda" (2) - Anthony Holborne

14 Watkin's Ale - Anon/Francis Cutting

15 Galliard - Anthony Holborne

16 Semper Dowland, Semper Dolens - John Dowland

17 Lady Hunsdon's Puffe - John Dowland

18 Come Away (Come Again…) - John Dowland

19 Earle of Essex Galliard - John Dowland

20 The Frog Galliard - John Dowland

21 Queen Elizabeth's Galliard - John Dowland

22 Sir John Souch's Galliard - John Dowland

23 The Shoemaker's Wife: A Toy - John Dowland

24 Fantasie - Gregorio Huwet

25 Mrs. Winter's Jump - John Dowland

26 Mrs. White's Nothing - John Dowland

27 Lady Clifton's Spirit - John Dowland

28 Fantasie - Simone Molinaro

29 Fantasie - Francesco da Milano

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Upon a Winter's Eve


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This recording, Upon a Winter's Eve, is also available directly from Michael.  Simply proceed to the booking page and send me a message indicating your interest in obaining the CD, and your mailing address, and I will ship it to you posthaste. 

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